What are the Best Gaming Desktop Stores?


Shopping for a new gaming desktop computer?

There are many stores that would love to take your money, but few offer excellent products for reasonable prices. That’s why it’s important to know just where to shop, as otherwise you could overspend by hundreds of dollars or end up with a defective machine.
With that said, when it comes to the desktop PC industry, these are a few of the standout contenders when comparing the best gaming desktop stores.


Whether it’s push-up bras, razor blades, or state-of-the-art gaming PC’s, you cannot leave Amazon off the list of the top stores to shop at. It’s at the very least a great place to pull and compare specs between many different gaming desktops. Otherwise, you would have to pull spec sheets from different shops and chart them on your own to see how products match up.


Of course, you have to be an Alienware fan to shop in the Alienware store for a new gaming desktop computer. But, their shop makes it on the list of the best gaming desktop stores as they provide many of the top gaming desktop models every single year. With endless high-performance gaming desktops made by Alienware, you cannot go wrong when shopping specifically for a new PC in their store. That said, you might want to compare their products by price in other shops as their price can often be beat elsewhere.


Newegg has established elite status, reaching a 2.7 billion annual revenue in just it’s 12th year of operation. The company continues to grow and excels in many different computer-related markets. A consumer can pick up a new gaming desktop from Newegg, while also grabbing other computer parts and accessories. This means they can get all the lavish features they want, and upgrade their new gaming PC from day one. Plus, hardcore gamers can get a better cost-value on their investment by buying a tower and all the parts from Newegg instead of buying one that comes pre-built.

Best Buy

Shopping on Amazon is great when you want a specific product at a great price, but places like Best Buy prosper if you are impatient. Best Buy recently bought out Future Shop, taking up many of their Canadian locations, which furthered their domination on the list of the best gaming desktop stores worldwide. They also have a wide range of computer parts in stock, so whether it’s a special graphics card or swapping for a SSD hard drive, Best Buy will be able to accommodate your purchasing needs.


eBay gets hate for a lot of reasons, but they are still one of the best gaming desktop computer stores around. That said, they are really a marketplace and the quality of a product comes down to what a seller is offering you. The great thing, though, is that you can find many custom build PCs on eBay at affordable prices. If you stick with a seller that has a lot of positive feedback for these products, you could end up extracting a whole lot more value for your money by buying this way. Regardless, eBay has everything and you won’t struggle to find any specific computer model or part type when shopping there.


Overstock is Amazon’s lead competitor, but they seem to get forgotten and looked over a lot. The truth is that Overstock offers a wide range of products, both quality and not, so you have to take the time to sift through everything they have to offer. In the end, you can find great deals on some of the best gaming desktop computers on the market. You might also be able to find one of the best models from a year or two back at a steep discount, which could be a great way to get better performance without having to pay more.

It’s What You Buy, Not Where You Buy It…

What counts is not whether you shopped at one of the best gaming desktop computer stores but rather that you bought one of the best products. This also doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars to get something that will perform well. You can find a quality gaming desktop computer on a budget, it’s just a matter of comparing what’s offered by each of the best gaming desktop computer stores.

Long story short, you must take the time to shop around for a desktop gaming computer that offers all the features and specs you need while staying within your budget range. There will be at least one right model for you, but sometimes it’s easier to build your own PC. If this is something you want to consider doing, then you should read up more on ‘how to build gaming computers’  first.


What are the Best Gaming Desktop Brands?

When you think about buying a new gaming computer, what comes to mind? For most, it would be flashy lights, a killer video card, maybe a brand name like Alienware, and likely a $2,000 to $4,000 price-point. As this is often unsustainable, many turn to build their own gaming computers, but there’s nothing like a top-performer from one of the best gaming desktop brands around.

If you have the budget for a killer gaming PC, then do not hesitate to buy from one of the top contenders in the gaming desktop market. You should be getting the most out of your money; a desktop model gives you a better performance on a cost-efficiency level. It also gives you more flexibility for upgrading the computer at a later point. If your budget only allows for the 8 GB model with a ‘great’ graphics card, you could just double the RAM and upgrade to an ‘excellent’ card at a later point.

Either way, you want to start off with a machine from one of the top brands. If you are looking for the best gaming desktop computers on the market today, then these are four brands you should consider.


If not for any other reason, the Acer brand is a great choice when looking for a new desktop computer as they are affordable. To be more specific, you can pick up the Acer Predator G gaming desktop for under $750 on Amazon. This particular desktop computer features all you would need for most PC games. It comes with a 1TB hard drive 7200rpm, 8 GB of RAM, and an Intel i5 3.3GHz processor. Plus, it features an NVIDIA GeForce GTX745 graphics card, which comes with 4 GB of discrete video memory.


Affordable is great for the average gamer, but anyone who takes it serious enough will be okay with shelling out more money for greater performance. When you want frills and specs to the tits, there’s no better choice than an Alienware gaming computer. These are available with all different types of features, such as LED lighting, cooling fans, and transparent towers. With endless customization softwares and the best graphics cards in the industry, no gamer will ever be let down from an Alienware computer. That said, the best performing desktop computers from Alienware can easily fall into the $2,500 to $5,000 price range.

Velocity Micro

A mix of affordable and strong-performing is always good. The Velocity Micro brand ranked well on PCMag in the recent 10 best gaming computers list. The brand took up two of the ten spots, with the Velocity Micro Edge Z30 SmallBlock and the Velocity Micro Edge Z55 (2014) models. Both were priced in the $1,400 to $1,800 price range and included an i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, and powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics cards, but the Z55 model featured a much stronger processor. Either way, these lightweight and cost-efficient Velocity Micro towers are definitely a worthwhile consideration for anyone shopping for performance on a light budget.


Lenovo is a top-selling desktop computer brand in general, and a fair portion of their market share comes from their quality gaming computers. More specifically, the Lenovo Erazer X315 gaming computer caught a lot of buying interest from the averagely serious PC gaming crowd. This desktop computer came in at under $1,000 and featured everything a PC gamer would need in a new gaming computer. This unit runs an AMD A10-7850K 3.7 GHz processor, 12 GB of RAM, 2 TB hard drive, and an AMD Radeon R9 260 graphics card.

Digital Storm

Sometimes you have loads of money to spend, and if that’s the case then you won’t find a cooler purchase than a new Digital Storm gaming desktop computer. Specifically, the Digital Storm Coridium is perfect so long as you can afford spending well over $5,000 for a new gaming PC. It is truly a unique desktop, with an impressive specs sheet to follow. The computer features an Intel Core i7-4930K 3.4GHz processor, 16 GB of RAM, a 1.25TB hard drive, and an AMD Radeon R9 295X2. The graphics card alone runs well over $1,000 new on Amazonand is in a league of it’s own. It’s the same video card that you can find in the Maingear Epic Force Super Stock X99, which had a retail price of $12,541 when it first released.


Why making a choice between a gaming desktop and laptop isn’t easy

It’s a fact that larger PCs work faster than their smaller counterparts. Quicker chips also mean more power consumption, more heat generation and more transistors to push up performance. All these elements add up to the gaming space. However, in a world where technological advancement has seen powerful gadgets coming up in a small form factor, it’s still hard for seasoned PC gamers to believe that an equally-built gaming laptop can work as hard as a desktop.

Well, it’s common knowledge to say that gaming laptops are slower than their desktop counterparts. However, the speed cannot be quantified since many gamers weigh the reduction in performance with price tag as well as portability that a small notebook for gaming provides.


Gaming Desktops vs Laptops Compared


(a) The power to process information

Modern processors rarely limit the gaming ability of a PC today. All the important mechanics are in the engine, plus the artificial intelligence is engraved inside the CPU. However, the load that is placed on hardware components is trivial compared to 3 dimension graphics.

Yet still, the CPU will influence the speed of the software. Because of this, a user might expect to detect the difference in speed. However, the two units will work almost on the same speed level.

Let’s take a free benchmark software like SiSoft Sandra Lite  and compare the performance of an Intel’s Core i5-4590 quad-core desktop with that of an Intel’s Core-i7 4700HQ (entry level mobile quad). You will realize that these two machines score on the same level of performance.

A quick desktop PC will score 125 while a Core i7-4800MQ mobile quad will hit 115. Furthermore, the dual cores also tell a similar story since they hit 55 in the test while their Core i5 mobile dual-cores range in the 40s.

So even though most gamers prefer quicker desktops than their slower peers, processor difference between a desktop and a laptop shouldn’t be the only deciding factor.

(b) High end graphics

Again, graphic performance tends to be a challenge for notebooks to handle. That’s because they consume more power than what is needed in an Intel processor, plus they need massive cooling to work well. That’s the reason gaming notebooks are designed to be larger and heavier than standard ones.

If you test the Nvidia GTX 880M in the 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark, it comfortably hits 6,000 mark in graphic performance. This can be considered quicker than the Intel HD 4,600 on-board graphics, though it can’t be compared with a GTX 780 Ti desktop videocard since this one hits 9,000 and above on the same score.

So at the end of the day, the desktop videocard will win the battle. However, the notebook’s chip will still run games at same detail level but with minor performance disadvantages.

(c) Practical performance

Practical performance is very useful in PC gaming, and this is where the notebook will prove surprisingly useful.

Take the Alienware 17 for instance, and then configure it with a GTX 880M. The notebook will handle Battlefield 4 at an average speed of 44 fps — with details set at 1080p.

On the other hand, a quad-core desktop equipped with a GTX 780 Ti will average in the 55fps with same settings. As a result, it ends up delivering a flawless performance. Still, most gamers will take preference for desktop, even though the notebook experience could be considered far from awful.

(d) Upgrade options

Desktops and laptops can be upgraded differently. A gaming desktop allows almost every component to be removed so they can be replaced by new ones. In other words, you could purchase a desktop computer today and still be able to use it for gaming a decade later (after replacing most hardware).

However, the problem with gaming notebooks is that they have some limitations when it comes to upgrading. One of these limitation is tied to the fact that their processors use a ball grid array packaging system. This way, a processor is soldered into the motherboard, so you can’t remove it by any means. The same approach goes towards graphic chips. But this is not to say that notebook can’t be upgraded at all — only your choices are limited.

(e) Price tag

Gaming laptops are pricey than their desktop counterparts, and that’s a fact. Spending a whooping $3,000 on a gaming laptop is quite a lot. However, with a good desktop at $700 or less, you can still get the same experience, thanks to the upgrades that you’ll do in the future.


It all narrows down to the pros and cons that each machine presents. And finally, the price tag is also something to be wary about. So weigh your options carefully and go for what you think is affordable.


Leading Undercover Gaming Desktop Manufacturers

There are many companies to choose gaming desktops from. It is worth noting that there are still not many consumer reports on the suitability and reliability of machines from different companies. This article focuses on giving the user tips and nuggets of information about the best undercover gaming desktop manufacturers.

Gaming DesktopIdeally any desktop should be able to play a game and play it well. That is however not the experience one gets when they dive in the gaming world. The experience on e will get from say a Dell crammed inside a small chassis with few upgrading options are quite few if not nonexistent. A gaming desktop should have the best graphics card available and not integrated at that. One wants to have that ease of upgrade whenever and wherever they are. Gamers also want their machines to look good. They want that design that says “This is a state of the art gaming monster”
That is exactly what gaming desktop manufacturers offer their customers. It is their bread and butter. These machines are differentiated by their price tags and looks from their general purpose competitors. Their manufactures have built them with one purpose in mind; Gaming, gaming and more gaming. This article also covers any regulation of after purchase customer service. Your decision to buy a product should be based on not just the quality of the product but after sales service as well.

Alienware –

This manufacturer game in to the scene in 1996 and quickly gained consumer confidence. Their machines are hand crafted, high performance gaming systems. It is for this reason that Dell acquired it in 2006. They have since then maintained focus on offering the best gaming machines in terms of theme, performance and pricing.
The true mark of an Alienware gaming desktop is observed in the rating you will find about them. The minimum rating you will see is good. This is because they ensure that that quality is not compromised. They have learnt that gamers always go for quality then theme and finally price. Their products stand out from the crowd anywhere you go. The downside of Alienware as a gaming manufacturer is the after sales service. There are numerous scattered reviews. Users are saying in the event of failure, Alienware is not very supportive. Many complain of receiving back their products without any improvement on the problem reported to the manufacturer.

Cyberpower –

This manufacturer is best known for its customizable products. What it offers are customizable desktops. This can be confusing if you have no idea what a top gaming machine should be like. They are best for those who have knowledge of gaming desktop specifications. They are also known not to deliver exceptionally good machines. Most people find that their products have unbranded parts. The experience is also somewhat less than what is expected from the adverts. They do respond to customer complains. They do this through www.resellerratings.com. They take a bit of a confrontational view if you closely check their responses, but at least they do respond. A similar company in terms of products to cybertpower is ibuypower. It is always worth to compare similar products between these two suites to get which one is better.

Falcon Northwest –

They are very thorough in their products. Starting from the paint work to the main components like HDDs, RAM, Processor, graphic cards and enclosures. It is worth noting that they prices are among the highest in the market. They match them with their quality. Their downside is the relatively smaller customer care team. Most of the time, they have to queue you and call you back when they are buzy attending to clients. Their reviews are however very favorable. They are the kind of manufacturers you want when in doubt or not well versed with gaming desktops.

MainGear –

The last but not least is MainGear. They have a positive customer review in general. Their downside is that they do not offer customized desktops as much as Falocon Northwest. Their products are fairly priced though still on the upper side. Their products range from average gaming desktops to high end gaming desktops. As manufacturers, their products are reported to have high failure rates. It is not surprising that in terms of service, they are ranked high as they do not have to do much of it anyway.

Most of these undercover gaming desktop manufacturers are unknown to the general desktop users. Once one gets to the business of gaming with the best of the gaming desktops, you will definitely bump into their products.

Area 51 exterior-970-80

Top Alienware Gaming Desktops that gives Competitors the Edge

Area 51 exterior-970-80
Alienware is one of the leading gaming computer systems in the world. Very few brands can compete against these powerful machines. They are designed to give online players power, flexibility, maneuverability and speed. When a player uses an Alienware gaming desktop they can easily overcome their competitors or at least put an extremely good fight before they go down in defeat. Every year Alienware releases new models for their brand. The following information will showcase the newer Alienware laptop and desktop machines that have been released in the year 2015.

Dell Laptops Featuring Alienware Technology

Dell is a fairly known computer company that has been around for a while. This organization is not as dominant as it once was in the past; but it still hanging on to its share of the computer market. Dell has teamed up with Alienware to produce some highly productive and powerful gaming machines. The Dell/Alienware laptops include the 17.3” monitors that contain an i7 processor, 16 GB RAM and 1TB HD. Those simple specs equate to power, speed, efficiency and flexibility. Very few online opponents could stand up to this type of dominance no matter how skillful and knowledgeable they are. There are 15” models of this type of unit as well. These machine have a starting price that is around $1300 but they are well worth the expense for serious gamers and for eSports competitors who play for money.

Alienware 13

One of the best things about Alienware systems is that a consumer can purchase them as complete machines or they could have them built from the ground up. The Alienware 13 is one type of computer system that you can build from scratch but you have to use the basic specified parts that are associated with this laptop model. Alienware 13 features a 62hr battery that will literally power a machine for well over a day. It has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M with 2GB GDDR5 graphics card. This card is so powerful and efficient that your gaming graphics will move around the screen without you barely touching your mouse or control pad. This technology is also designed for mobility. As a matter of fact it is best suited for this purpose. Gamers who use the Alienware 13 will nearly be unstoppable on a virtual battlefield.
Alienware also has these models listed as 13, 15, 17 and 18. The Alienware 18 model is so advanced that it might be outlawed for giving its owner an unfair advantage in gaming competitions. The machine is well ahead of its time in terms of function and power. Alienware machines cost between $1000 and $3000.

Alienware Alpha Console

The Alpha Console by Alienware is a desktop model that is designed for gaming and personal home computer use. The Alpha Console is a great device for online gaming but it is not as powerful as other Alienware models. However, do not be deceived. The name Alienware will strike fear into the hearts of online opponents. Even if they have an Alienware console of their own they still will leery about going up against someone with an Alienware machine. The Alpha Console is priced at $500.

Alienware X51 R3

The X51 R3 is slightly more powerful machine than the Alpha Console. It runs the new Windows 10 OS and it has more powerful components. The X51 R3 is designed for hardcore gaming activities. Users will be able to produce thousands of onscreen graphics without having to worry about the computer lagging or stalling. They will also be able to quickly move their characters through environments at a rapid pace and to wipe out enemy forces in a single attack. The X51 R3 provides online gamers with quicker response times and an increased efficiency for producing battlefield troops or securing resources. The Alienware X51 R3 is priced at $1100.

Alienware Area 51

Alienware’s Area 51 machine is all about customization. As a matter of fact, you have 251 different ways (and more) that you can build this machine. This means that gamers will be able to create their own unique gaming machines that are best suited toward their needs and style of game play. Area 51 machines feature Windows 8.1 but they provide lots of power in gaming situations. Users can utilize their machines in support positions for their gaming team or they can use them to stay ahead of the pack as a front man. Alienware 51 machines are a great tool for gamers who want to shake things up and keep the enemy on constant alert. This machine has a starting price of $1700.

Alienware computers are great for novice and experienced gamers. However, they are more suited for advance gamers and individuals who know how to utilize the great features that Alienware machines provide.


How to Find the Best Budget Desktop Computers that won’t Break your Wallet

In today’s world, computers are an essential part of everyday life. People primarily use PCs for entertainment purposes but they also use them to pay bills, for school work and to research information online. Most consumers are aware that late model computers are very expensive. However, the computer aftermarket is a big business and people can easily find an inexpensive model that is best suited for their needs. Finding the best budget desktop computers is not difficult if you know where to look and what brand to buy. The following information will explain how to carry out this process.

Basic Information about Desktop PCs and Pricing

Desktop computers are not as popular as they once were about 10 years ago. The reason being is that mobile technology has replaced most peoples need for a desktop model. Do not forget that people primarily use computers for entertainment, social and recreational purposes. These functions can be performed just as easily on a smartphone or tablet device. Since this is the case, many computer manufacturers know that their desktop models are not going to last long in the market. So they mark them up at the highest price possible when they are first released but in a matter of months the prices will drop dramatically. Keep in mind that computer prices also decline because of continuous technology improvements. Processing speeds doubles every year and by the time most desktop models hit the market they are already obsolete.

Computer Brands and Price

Consumers who are looking for a cheap computer should search for companies that provides lower priced units to consumers. Certain companies such as Lenovo, HP and Acer have lower priced models than some of the other major brand such as Apple, Alienware or Dell. You should not forget that all computer brands typically have lower end desktop units that they offer for sale. However, keep in mind that they can still be rather expensive depending on the brand. When it comes to consumer products certain brands can charge more money because of the value of their name in the market.

Desktop Specs and Computer Costs

Consumers that want a cheaper priced desktop PC should find models with lower specifications. Specifications describes the parts that are contained within a PC. These parts affects a machine’s performance and its ability to run specific programs. Specifications for cheaper model computers are going to be lower than for the more expensive brands.

Keep in mind that the average specs for the latest desktop models include 4 GHz processors, 8GB of RAM and one TB or terabyte of memory. These specs are very powerful and anyone who has this much juice inside of their computer is going to pay a premium price. However, if a consumer can purchase a desktop model that has 1.5 GHz to 2 GHz of processing speed, 2 GB of RAM and at least 250 GB HD they will pay a significantly lower price for that unit. The bottom line is that specs play a large role with determining the price for a computer. You should always look for lower spec desktop models if you are on a budget and trying to save money.

Refurbished PCs

Another great way for you to save money with a purchase on your PC is to buy a refurbished model. A refurbished PC model is a broken or very old computer that has been remade for use. Many organizations take refurbish old computers so that lower income people can have access to technology. They sometimes give these computers away or sell them at an incredibly low price.

Do not forget that a refurbished computer can work just as good as a newer model. It might not have the power to surf the internet at a face pace of speed and you probably will not be able to run the latest programs; but you will have a solid working desktop PC unit that will allow you to perform basic computer functions.

Keep in mind that the word “budget” can be a relative term. For example, a budget Alienware or Apple model desktop could run you about $800 easily. Once again, the name and the quality of the brand is why some desktop models will cost more than others. If you are truly searching for a budget then you should check out specific models such as LG Chomebase (not be confused with Chromebook), Lenovo Idea Center and Zotac Zbox Sphere. Online sites such as PC World lists budget desktop models so that you can get a good idea about the machines that are available at a lower price.


Best Gaming Desktop Chassis Manufacturers


With the rise in popularity of dedicated gaming platforms like the X-Box One and the PS4, you might be surprised to hear that PC Gaming is alive and well. PC games tend not to get as much press as the titles released to the dedicated gaming platforms, but the PC is by no means insignificant in the gaming world. The reality is that even the best, most cutting edge dedicated gaming platforms can’t compete with a top of the line desktop PC.

Of course, the term “best” is subjective, so when it comes to selecting the “best” gaming desktop chassis manufacturers to buy from, there really is no one “right” answer. It all comes down to what feature or features you deem to be most important.

Below, we’ll highlight the “best in class” among several different gaming PC vendors, tell you why they’re the best in each given category, and give you lots of options to choose from.

All Around Greatness

In terms of all around greatness, it’s hard to top the Digital Storm Bolt II . Under the hood, you’ll find a blisteringly fast 4 GHz processor, 16 Gigs of RAM, and a hefty 1 Terrabyte hard drive. The graphics card is slightly dated (Nvidia GeForce GTX 980), but not a slouch by any means. No matter how you slice it, this machine is a beast, and can handle any game you’re interested in playing, delivering great framerates, and seamless playing. With a list price starting at $1540, you’ll pay for the all-around awesomeness, but the good news is that this machine will have a relatively long shelf life.

Style Points

If style matters, and you don’t want to sacrifice performance for a sleek look, then the PC you want is the Trinity Xtreme, by Cyberpowerpc. Sporting a 3.3 GHz intel processor and a massive 16 Gigs of RAM, this machine can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it. With its Nvidia GeForce Titan X video card and 12 Gigs of onboard VRAM, your graphics will look smooth and seamless as well. The only potential weak spot in the machine is the fact that it only comes with a 250 Gig hard drive. That’s big enough for casual gamers, but if you’re hard core, you’re going to want to either upgrade this component or get a hefty external drive to pick up the slack. There’s a premium to be paid for styling, and this machine isn’t cheap at $1865, but there’s a lot to like here.

On The Cheap

If you’re a gamer on a budget, and looking for a solid system for under a thousand bucks, then you’ll be amazed at the Alienware X51. Yes, you read that correctly. A gaming PC by legendary Alienware, for under a thousand dollars. As you might expect, for this relatively small amount of money, some sacrifices were made. The machine features an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 Gigs on RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce 960 video card. The technology here isn’t bleeding edge, but is quite solid, and is supported by a 1 Terrabyte hard drive. All in all, you’re going to get a solid gaming platform for a song, produced by an industry legend, starting at $699.99.

Best Overall Value

If you have a bit of extra money to spend, and don’t need bleeding edge technology to meet your gaming needs, then you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value than the Lenovo Erazer X510. Priced at $1199.99, you’re getting a solid, impressive system. A 3.5GHz processor, 16 Gigs or RAM, and a 1 Terrabyte hard drive. The one weak spot in the whole equation is its graphics card, a slightly dated Nvidia GeForce GTX 760. This machine will struggle with top end games, but will handle most everything else just fine. Add to that the fact that it’s got impressive styling, and it’s just a hard system to beat for the money.

It’s important to stress that there are no “bad” PC’s on this list. Any of these will serve you well, and meet your gaming needs quite nicely, and of course, if you’re not happy with a specific feature on any given machine, it’s generally possible to selectively upgrade components to create exactly the machine you’re looking for. Again, it all depends on what features you find most important, and what kind of budget you have to work with.